Hauck Heat Treatment Gaildorf

Specialists in components requiring precise measurements – more functionality and economic efficiency

As a service provider in the fields of functional heat treatment and surface technology, Hauck Heat Treatment Gaildorf plant in Baden-Württemberg provides its customers with numerous benefits.

First of all, there are the decades of experience from thousands of projects. This experience contributes towards every consultation we provide right from the beginning. Everything revolves around the functional quality of your component, with an eye constantly on the crucial details and economic efficiency.

Secondly, there is our large, state-of-the-art plant. We act quickly and in a target-oriented manner, offering you a variety of effective manufacturing and testing processes.

Thirdly, our transfer of expertise. We share our competitive advantage with you by offering workshops.

Available Surface Technologies

Leistungsstarke Kammeröfen

  •  Härten, Vergüten, Aufkohlen, Einsatzhärten, Carbonitrieren und Anlassen

Gasnitrier- bzw. Gasnitrocarburieröfen

  • Gasnitrieren, Gasnitrocarburieren, NITAI® und Oxidieren

Schutzgas Glühöfen

  • Glühverfahren bis 750°C


  • Härten, Vergüten, Glühen und Anlassen


  • 2-Stufenverfahren nach DIN 50938, seit mehr als 40 Jahren

Phosphatieranlage (Zink und Mangan)

  • Muldenstrahlen und Glasperlenstrahlen


  • Stahlkugeln, Gestellbehandlung, Glasperlen


  • Tiefkühlen bis –150°C


  • Härteprüfung nach HB/HV/HRC, metallografische Untersuchung, Spektralanalyse, Schichtdickenmessung, Rissprüfung.

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