Hauck Heat Treatment Kehl

Your heat treatment expertise from Baden-Württemberg

The west of Baden-Württemberg, near the French border, is home to the large Hauck Heat Treatment Kehl plant.

More than 100 employees work in three shifts to handle many millions of components a year. They use precisely defined process parameters with consistent top quality for many key industries.

The Kehl plant has state-of-the-art system technology in the fields of vacuum hardening, protective gas and case hardening, and gas and plasmanitriding. For your components, this means quality of the highest level. As at our other plants, Kehl offers considerably more consultation expertise from the very beginning thanks to the experience we have gained from heat treating several thousand components of different types.

We support you with established expert knowledge in your industry and give you competent advice with respect to quality and economic efficiency.

Available Furnace Technologies


  • Einsatzhärten, Anlassen, Härten, Vergüten, Carbonitrieren, Glühen und Anlassen


  • Härten, Vergüten, Einsatzhärten und Anlassen von Massenteilen


  • Glühen, Löten, Vergüten, Sekundär- und Primärhärten, Löten und Härten in einem Zyklus


  • Kurz- und Langzeitnitrieren, Nachoxidieren


  • Nitrieren, Nitrocarburieren und Nachoxidieren


  • Stähle über 12% Chrom und andere


  • Härteprüfung nach HB/HV/HRC, metallografische Untersuchung, Spektralanalyse, Schichtdickenmessung.

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