Hauck Heat Treatment Laupheim

Your high-performance system supplier for heat treatment and surface technology

Laupheim, Baden-Württemberg, islocated between Stuttgart and Munich and has good transport connections. Here, Hauck Heat Treatment offers significantly more performance when it comes to heat and surface treatment of components.

This plant has access to highly modern process and system technology. The processes include case hardening, carbonitriding, hardening, carburising, annealing, various tempering processes, nitriding/nitrocarburising in gas (with and without oxidisation), freezing, burnishing, phosphating (zinc/manganese), blasting, straightening and checking for cracks.

Depending on the process and the range and requirements of the components, the special rack construction ensures even more effective and cost-efficient processes.

Cleanliness standards for components are constantly becoming more complex. These standards are met by up-to-date cleaning technology. The specialist team in Laupheim serves as a system supplier for many of its customers. After a precise heat and/or surface treatment, the quality-tested components are securely packaged and, upon request, delivered just-in-time to the supplier’s target customer without an interim stage.

Available Furnace Technologies

Leistungsstarke Kammeröfen

  • Einsatzhärten, Carbonitrieren, Härten/Vergüten, Aufkohlen


  • Nitrieren, Nitrocarburieren, Oxidieren, Glühen

Salzbad Einsatzhärteanlage

  • Einsatzhärten, Carbonitrieren

Brünieren & Phosphatieren

  • Zink- und Manganphosphatieren


  • Härteprüfung nach HB/HV/HRC, metallografische Untersuchung, Schichtdickenmessung, Rissprüfung.

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