Hauck Heat Treatment Remscheid

State-of-the-art heat treatment for small and large batch sizes in top quality

Hauck Heat Treatment’s largest plant is in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, and is home to the administrative side of the company. This plant impresses with its high-performance system technology, which allows even large volumes of various components to be heat treated quickly and precisely. This is where the heat treatment procedures come into action that have been specially tailored to the different materials and optimized by a special quenching procedure.

In addition to this, there are the excellently equipped test laboratories with all the features required to provide quality assurance of the highest standard.

Another asset for customers is Remscheid’s great deal of project and industry experience, combined with outstanding consulting expertise that always focuses on quality, economic efficiency and functionality.

That is why we invest in the most up-to-date system technology, like a new partly automated batch system, the composition and conception of which are unique. This system brings our customers many more great benefits. Let’s not forget cleaning technology: we attain perfect results, e.g. after nitriding materials, by utilising effective cleaning technology which ensures a high standard of cleanliness. We here at Remscheid have been working successfully for our customers for over 75 years, actively cooperating with expert committees like the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik” (Heat treatment and materials technology working group). This makes us well-placed to meet the most diverse range of requirements. As a company that takes on trainees and as a member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s examination board, we embrace responsibility.

Available Furnace Technologies

Nitrieranlagen bestehend aus evakuierbaren Anlassöfen

  • Gasnitrieren, Gasnitrocarburieren, Oxidieren, NITAI® Glühverfahren bis 750°C, Weichglühen, Spannungsarmglühen, Anlassen unter SchutzgasHärten, Vergüten, Aufkohlen, Carbonitrieren, Einsatzhärten und Anlassen


  • Einsatzhärten, Carbonitrieren, Härten, Vergüten, Normalisieren, Aufkohlen, Glühen


  • Härten, Vergüten, Einsatzhärten, Carbonitrieren und Anlassen von Massenteilen


  • Härten, Einsatzhärten und Carbonitrieren


  • Härteprüfung nach HB/HV/HRC, Salzsprühnebeltest, Zerreissprüfung, metallographische Untersuchung, Spektralanalyse, GDOS-Analyse.

Hauck Heat Treatment GmbH

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