Hauck Heat Treatment Werther

Experienced specialists with an eye for quality and economic efficiency

SMEs and European market leaders value, above all, the high-performance service and great deal of consulting expertise of the heat and surface treatment specialists at the Werther plant. Components from a wide range of industries have been functionally refined thanks to excellent expertise and up-to-date system technology in the north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia for more than 30 years.

We provide the following processes at our plant in Werther: annealing (vacuum or inert gas), hardening, vacuum hardening, tempering, carburising, case hardening, carbonitriding, burnishing, gas nitriding and gas nitrocarburising. We use a twostep procedure for burnishing. Our portfolio also includes tumble belt and glass bead blasting.

One of our core competencies is salt-bath hardening stainless steel and cutting rings. Customer orientation is central to our company philosophy. We also offer individual series production when requested by customers. Short processing times are supplemented by a pick-up and delivery service. You are automatically informed via email upon completion. We place a great deal of emphasis on individual support, from initial contact to delivery of the components. We always have an eye on quality and economic efficiency in the interests of our customers.

Available Furnace Technologies

Leistungsstarke Kammerofen-Anlagen

  • Härten, Vergüten, Aufkohlen, Carbonitrieren, Einsatzhärten und Anlassen


  • Glühen, Vergüten, Härten und Anlassen

Gasnitrieren & Gasnitrocarburieren

  • Nitrieren, Nitrocarburieren und Nachoxidieren


  • Härten, Einsatzhärten und Carbonitrieren


  • 2-Stufenverfahren nach DIN 50938, seit mehr als 40 Jahren


  • Muldenstrahlen und Glasperlenstrahlen


  • Härteprüfung nach HB/HV/HRC, Salzsprühnebeltest, Zerreissprüfung, metallographische Untersuchung, Spektralanalyse, GDOS-Analyse

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