Quality, environmental and energy policies

Hauck Heat Treatment Germany sees itself as a part of society. It thus not only acts in a manner compliant with society, but also assumes social responsibility and promotes sustainability in all its commercial activities.

Its measures in this respect include setting quality, product and customer-related objectives aimed at achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. These, in turn, include error prevention as opposed to error correction, technical supervision, advisory services in close coordination with customers and long-term customer and supplier relationships. Our environmental and energy measures include using energy-efficient products and making economical use of raw materials, energy, water and other materials in order to preserve resources and reduce our environmental impact. Our goal here is not only to comply with legal regulations and provisions, but also to bring about constant improvements in terms of feasibility. Our measures in this respect have led to our being group-certified to the highest international standards, such as ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001.

Quality as a success factor

Quality in every field – that is a fundamental goal that we work towards every single day for the benefit of our customers. Nothing is left to chance. We make all details of our business activities clear and open. All processes are documented transparently. The internal transfer of knowledge and information is intensive. Our commitment to quality benefits both you and us. Everyone profits from better processes and increased productivity.

HauckHT is always moving forward and wishes to uncover more potential for improvement, manage risks and use existing resources even more effectively. This culture of quality creates reliability, trust and a future. You can view, print out and save our current certificates in PDF form via the menu option entitled “Management systems”.

Preserving resources – acting responsibly

Occupying an excellent market position and preserving resources are not mutually exclusive; in fact, for a highly experienced yet modern company, they go hand in hand. Companies like us that operate in the industrial sector of heat treatment must make sure that their processes are effective, innovative and sustainable. These are not just empty words for us. We do everything to ensure that our activities reflect our environmentally oriented principles.

Using cisterns to store rain water and processing waste water for subsequent recirculation are just as self-evident in our facilities as using modern heat treatment processes that are as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. One of many examples is the gas nitrocarburising process with or without post-oxidisation, which has long since replaced the salt bath nitrocarburising that was subject to stringent environmental regulations.

Intelligent energy management

Climate protection and cost reduction are just two of many reasons why HauckHT focuses on highly modern and intelligent energy management on all levels. That is why our facilities are equipped an electronic energy management system, for example, which allows all energy consumption to be read and evaluated online.

Our goal is to reduce our energy consumption in a systematic, comprehensive and sustainable way. We are currently in the process of replacing our lighting with LED lights as part of the ISO 50001 energy management scheme, just one of a number of measures that Hauck is systemically implementing. We feel obliged to take all necessary steps to reduce negative impacts on the environment and to assume a pioneering role in our industry.


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